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Barb Hawken is proud to offer her own digital products as well as a curated list of wellness products that Barb uses and recommends herself! 

Grazie, Pregio, Ciao! Cookbook

by Barb Hawken Wellness

If you enjoy Italian food as much as I do, you will love this e-book. Yes, you can eat Italian food and still remain within your goals!

This e-book contains 91 recipes beginning with breakfast, including Barb's typical American favorites and a few Italian specialities, as well as Italian dinners including appetizers, desserts and wine pairings for each course. 

Grab my cookbook today and be transported to Southern Italy with my 91 recipes you wish Nonna had taught you. 


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Ziip Beauty Micro Current Tool

What Barb Loves About It:

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I love how this uses micro and nano current for deeper penetration. Smooths wrinkles, increases hydration, and boosts collagen!

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ATPLAB Supplements

What Barb Loves About Them:

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I  take supplements from ATPLAB. They are made in Canada, which means they are highly regulated, pharmaceutical grade and have pure ingredients. 

My favorites are the Chocolate Beef Protein Powder-  tastes pure and chocolatey, unlike most protein powders- and The Collagen Radiance is my go-to collagen powder.

Other faves: Estro Control, Trans Resveratrol (anti aging supplement) and Syner Mag (helps with sleep.) Yin Reserve: All new powder that helps with electrolytes balance, muscle function and promotes relaxation.

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Oxford Healthspan Supplements

What Barb Loves About It:

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Spermidine supplement from Oxford Healthspan is another anti-aging natural supplement that Dr David Sinclair speaks about.

It helps to put the body into autophagy (fasting state) this has shown to help slow down aging.

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