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Are you ready for a  program that gives you the body you want and deserve, in a lot less time.  Custom Coaching is the program for you! Macros are calculated just for you and your specific goals.  Workouts are effective and the results will have you doing a double take every time you walk by the mirror. For the discerning woman who expects to work hard to get her SEXY BACK.

Your membership includes:

→ Training tailored to your busy schedule with video analysis.
→ Custom food and macro plan 
→ Daily, Weekly, monthly touch points  
→ The Fitness e-book is included
* A very high-touch coaching experience

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Your transformation is on the horizon

Over here, we created fitness programs that take the guesswork out of getting fit. This way, you can love your body, step into your strongest self, and make your mid-life years your most radiant ones. Mid-life being 35-50's 

So let’s get started. Take a look at all of our programs and pick the one that feels right for you.

7-Day Shred

This 7-day mini-course will give you everything you need to kickstart your health journey and start feeling stronger…right now. If you feel like your health has taken a back seat, it’s time to get some quick results so you can start your fitness journey knowing that you have what it takes to crush it. 

 You will get: 

→ A shopping list that makes grocery shopping easy 
→ My 7-day meal plan for a quick reset
→ A week’s worth of workouts 
→ The Shred e-book and evergreen course so you can easily follow along - and complete the week as many times as you want 

Download once. Keep forever
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"I am so grateful to have found your program.

It has been the only program of the MANY I have tried that helped me reach my goals. At 52, I am in the best shape I've been able to achieve in a very long time. I feel so strong and look forward to my workouts every day. And it's so much more than just fitness. The meal planning, the coaching, and your community all combine to be a complete approach to a healthy lifestyle."

Tonia, age 52



"I see and feel results that I didn’t think it was possible at my age (53).

She dispelled the myths I fell for like cutting carbs and calories, doing more cardio and making my weight the end goal. Unfortunately, I invested a lot of sweat and time with these myths only to yield more body fat and fatigue. Needless to say I am following her training and much to my surprise my body is being transformed from mostly fat to lean muscle. I’ve even lost some stubborn visceral fat around my midsection!! By early summer my goal is to shed the remaining tummy fat and wear a bikini for my 54th birthday."

chris, age 54



"I was searching for a workout program that I didn’t even know existed.

When I found Barb on TikTok I knew she was my answer. Not only are her workouts exactly what I needed but her lifestyle advice is on point. I’ve always said I’m not going down without a fight and now I know I have a fighting chance."

Eleni, age 54



"I stumbled across Barb and I'm so grateful I did!!

As a woman over 40 I never realized how much my body was affected by my hormones. Workouts I did in my 30s we're no longer getting results. I stumbled across Barb and I'm so grateful I did!! This last year working with her has truly been life changing. I will forever be grateful for the impact she has made on my fitness levels! "

susie, age 46



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